Franky doesnt have a full time coach as it is difficult to finance when playing doubles! When ever possible Troy Turnbull and Bernard Parun are helping Frank out as his coaches! Troy is based in New Zealand now where he works for the Remuera Rackets Club. Troy has helped Franky already a lot with his game when they worked together while Franky played for the Tennis Club in Karlsruhe Ruppur!

Bernard Parun and Franky know each other since they are kids. They used to play for the same team in Germany and also played many tournaments together before Bernie started to work as a coach...He is currently working for a club in Karlsruhe, Germany and therefore has not so much time to travel. We are looking for a sponsor so that Bernie and Troy can come to many more tournaments with Franky;)
"Also I want to thank Paul Kostin for all his help and support throughout my college career. Without him I would be nowhere close to where I am now," adds Franky. Paul is still doing a tremendous job coaching both, the women's tennis and men's tennis at Virginia Commonwealth University.