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28. Oct 2016

We are sorry for the lack of updates in the last months! There have been lots of technical issues!


Franky just turned 40 and has been taking it slow on the tennis courts. He played only four tournaments since playing the quarterfinals in Newport last July. Different injuries here and there and then dropping out of the Top 100 in the rankings has made it hard for Franky to get motivated to play tournaments week in, week out.


Together with his fiancee, Bree, they are expecting twins in January, so there are new challenges ahead :)


We hope that Franky will play a few more tournaments, but playing active professional tennis will come to an end :(


We are so thankful for all of you who stopped by this website from time to time :) We might keep it going for a little while for updates out of Franky's life - let's see!

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